2023 Annual Sustainability Report cover page

February 16, 2024, News

Bimeda is pleased to announce the release of our second Annual Sustainability Report.

Published in February 2024, this report provides a comprehensive overview of the initiatives undertaken throughout 2023 to uphold our sustainability commitments across five key pillars:

  • Packaging
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Community.

Opening with a message from CEO Gavin Tierney, the report underscores Bimeda's drive to empower employees to cultivate ever-more sustainable ways of working, while maintaining an unwavering focus on customer service, quality, and safety.

The report showcases diverse initiatives from each sustainability pillar, ranging from the removal of single-use plastic sheaths from an equine paste product, to repurposing waste cardboard for use in community allotments.

Excluding the hundreds of educational initiatives led by Bimeda annually, the company recorded over 130 sustainability-focused projects in 2023.

Read the full report.

To learn more about Bimeda's commitment to sustainability, visit onebimeda.com

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